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  Many of our readers have received our LPA newsletter before, but there are some who are new to the LPA family and are first time recipients of News Travels, and so a warm welcome to you all.  
  The workshop is an Industry first in South Africa and is all about providing you as an LPA member with everything you need to make the most of your LPA membership.  
  We want our members to feel confident, knowing all the ins and outs, in making the most of all the advantages of their investment and provide them with the opportunity to feel more comfortable using our online platform.  
So What Do Some of Our Valued LPA Members Have To Say About the Exclusive Workshops?
“I find members always feel more at ease after the workshops, the most common thing we hear is ‘Oh that’s actually so easy’. A lot of members feel very intimidated by the website and all the functionalities, but once we have taken them through it step-by-step they feel much more equipped and in fact actually excited to go home and try it for themselves.” – Miché Le Roux LPA Supervisor and Workshop Presenter “The great thing for me about LPA is that it is such a tailored product, giving you the opportunity to do exactly what you want when you want, all you need to know is HOW, and this is where the workshop comes in…we teach you the HOW.” – Miché Le Roux, LPA Supervisor and Workshop Presenter

We look forward to supplying you with the knowledge and giving you the power to take your LPA experience to greater heights! All you need to do is take the step to decide you want the power…

“The measure of someone’s power is what they do with their power.”

  If you are in search for a vacation that can be described as a “secluded paradise” and off the beaten track, a place where you can simply arrive and relax – Morrumbene Beach Resort is the picture-perfect destination.  
  Located in the Inhambane Province of beautiful, rustic Mozambique, Morrumbene offers picturesque beaches, coconut trees and landscapes of contrasting beauty, which are sure to capture your heart. This Mozambican gem offers self-catering chalets, where you, your family and friends can come and go as you please. Enjoy your time together relaxing by the pool, taking long walks on the beach, enjoying a drink and meal at the Beach Bar or enjoying a warm swim in the ocean.
    To experience Morrumbene Beach Resort, is to experience the true laid back Mozambique. Perfect weather, sugar-white sandy beaches and a choice destination to get lost in; Morrumbene Beach Resort should be number one on your bucket list.    
  It has been a long winter, one that may have felt like it would never end! But SPRING HAS SPRUNG and it signifies the FINAL STRETCH OF THE YEAR. During this time we are tired, stressed and just simply counting the seconds until we can take some time off and just relax and refresh our bodies and minds!  


If you have not already printed your confirmation for your LPA December vacation, booked a vacation with DAE or RCI or visited TradeUnipoint for awesome holiday deals, then it’s time to hop to it! There is nothing better than knowing that there is a light at the end of the tunnel… a vacation after a long year of hard work.


It’s always great to PLAN SOME TRIPS OR ACTIVITIES BEFOREHAND for your vacation. This builds excitement and takes some pressure off of finding something to do while there or the disappointment if activities are fully booked!


A fantastic idea to get excited for the holidays and a fun way to get the children enthused for the vacation is having a COUNTDOWN CALENDAR. This will also help you stay encouraged at work because you have “x” number of days before you get to relax and rest. Mix it up, set goals for the children to achieve, maybe throw in a few holiday surprises as motivation, or milestones for the children to get small gifts that they can take with on the trip. Use stickers, markers or stamps and tick-off the days to your fabulous “vacay”.


Make the most of what is left of the year and set yourself some WORK ACHIEVEMENT GOALS! This will help you feel accomplished and satisfied while you will enjoy your time relaxing on holiday knowing that it was a good year and you worked hard.


You want to feel good before you even leave your house! So go for that pre-holiday massage, or wax, get a “mani” and a “pedi”, or that new hairstyle! Gents, we know you work hard as well, so a good massage is always a winner for you too!

Make haste and get ready for summer!
Happy holiday planning
  Please be advised that our offices will be closed for business on the following dates:
Please note that our office will be closed from Monday, 19 December 2016 to Tuesday, 03 January 2017. We will return for business as usual on Wednesday, 04 January 2017.

The LPA Team is on a mission to ensure you are fully equipped to make use of your LPA Dashboard and are busy creating some fantastic Video Tutorials for you! These tutorials will assist you with everything from logging an online query to exchanging your LPA week. We can't wait! Watch this space!

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